Using social media to drive change: Interview with Paul Lalovich

Am ersten und zweiten Oktober findet in Frankfurt die „World Class Social Talent Acquisition 2015“ statt.


Ich hatte Gelegenheit mit Paul Lalovich, Head of HR Business Partnering Sadara Chemical Company aus Saudi Arabien zu seinem Vortrag zu sprechen. Heute ausnahmsweise mal in Englisch.  🙂 – Auf geht’s:

Using social media to drive change: Interview with Paul Lalovich

saatkorn.: Please introduce yourself to the saatkorn. readers.

Paul Lalovich.
Paul Lalovich.

I am a Human Resources professional with proven ability to develop forward thinking culture, attract and retain great people while excelling in the delivery of people strategies. In the past I worked extensively in the emerging markets of Europe and The Middle East for large public and private companies (du, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Co, Gazprom NEFT NIS, Norconsult and Global Medical Solutions Hospital Management LLC). Prior to this, during the consulting career in Canada I worked with many companies on the Fortune’s list “100 Best Companies to Work For in America”. My current work relates to leading HR Business Partner team supporting 4,000 employees across the enterprise to drive business growth and corresponding talent strategies for Sadara Chemical Company, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and the Dow Chemical. World’s largest petrochemical facility ever built in one single phase (US $27Bn).

saatkorn.: What are your company’s biggest challenges within Employer Branding, HR Marketing and Recruiting in 2015?
As most of large enterprise startups we found early on that we in HR were constantly stepping on each other’s toes. In order to deliver effective communication and establish collaboration necessary to attract prospective hires, establish numbers-driven performance reviews, give employees a sense of how they can grow their careers, and so on we had to learn how to capitalize on rapid advances in the way people engage with one another via social media.

saatkorn.: What is the title of your key note on the World Class Conference 2015?
Using social media to drive change

saatkorn.: What are the main topics of your key note, why should this be interesting for the participants?
My goal is to help audience with finding answers on how to connect with their employees and build a stronger relationship in order to sustain employee engagement and quickly adapt and adjust to the new business realities. Essentially I will share a practical advice on how to improve HR communication in the age of change and communicate effectively throughout the organization by harnessing social tools.

saatkorn.: Regarding your individual point of view: what are the key trends regarding Talent Acquisition short, middle and long term?
Human capital priorities vary by industry, while technology will be evolving and trends might shift with one exception: Leadership! In times to come the key differentiator to stay is leadership capable of competing to win.

saatkorn.: Thanks for the interview.

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