neue bertelsmann karriere-website für employer branding und social media

neue bertelsmann karriere-website für employer branding und social media

so, die letzten wochen waren für das bertelsmann employer branding team anstrengend, denn gleich 3 neue sites standen zum relaunch bzw. launch an: die create your own career karriere-website, die neue socialnet site sowie die interne create your own career website für bertelsmann mitarbeiter (weibliche form stets mitdenken). bei allen 3 sites liegt ein softlaunch zugrunde, da wir ohnehin ständig an der weiterentwicklung arbeiten. es gibt ja inzwischen einige kommentare / rezensionen zu den beiden öffentlich zugänglichen sites,wobei die eigentlichen innovationen bislang nicht gesehen wurden, da anscheinend nur auf die jeweilige startseite, nicht aber auf die gesamtintegration von frontend (=website für bewerber) und backend (=bewerbermanagementsystem) geschaut wurde. statt eines artikels habe ich die beiden projektverantwortlichen in unserem team, judith charles und miodrag perin, interviewt und dabei einige saatkorn.-exklusive infos zu tage gefördert 😉

da unser team international besetzt ist, heute mal saatkorn. in englischer sprache. viel spaß damit, auf geht’s:

die neue create your own career website

saatkorn.: what are the key improvements for the re-launched bertelsmann career website?
miodrag perin: the site has improved in all aspects, but primarily focused on usability with a greater emphasis on social media integration, and viral marketing. for example we introduced an advanced search that we are convinced doesn’t exist on any careers web site, but most consumers will immediately recognize the functions because they emulate their favorite travel and shopping web sites. we have also launched the ability for users that may have friends working at bertelsmann, to “request a referral” from their friends. judith charles: additionally, we have an integrated calendar feature which can export events directly to your gmail, yahoo, or outlook calendars.  we have also integrated a wild new chat service called tinychat which is heavily integrated with social media at its core. we significantly changed our design to more closely integrate with the style of the bertelsmanns corporate website.

saatkorn.: are there any specific social media elements that you would like to explain in more detail?
miodrag perin: yes, we added a feedback tab which is a phenomenal way for users to engage in the discussion about our site, give us feedback, rate our pages, and also tell us when we’re doing well.  we have the facebook “like” button on every page to encourage viral activity, we have a social media channels bar on every single content page, and now more importantly, on every single job page as well! we have a windows 7 widget available for download, we added rss on every single page, we also have every job indexed as a content page so that we can seo our job listings. we also have added a linkedin widget which will show you how many people you know in a specific company that may be in your network. this function will facilitate our referral process, but additionally our new function called socialnet which will allow users to sign into their online application using their linkedin, twitter, or facebook logins. this is a starting point and we did as much as we could using the existing api’s. we are opening our doors and connecting with the top players in the social media world to make it easier for the candidates to become a part of our world here at bertelsmann.

saatkorn.: as bertelsmann has groups in all relevant social media networks, why do you think a career website is still relevant?
judith charles: a careers web site is an official place where people can surround themselves with an overwhelming amount of content and information.  this sites goal is to make the first introduction, break the ice and offer enough interest for a user to embark on the second step, which we would consider to be “connecting” with us. this is why our social and professional networks are all important, because we want to hold true to our promise that “we want to be where the candidates are themselves”. the “like” button helps bring facebook back to the user, even though they are not on facebook but on our career website.

die neue create your own career socialnet site

saatkorn.: what is the basic idea behind the socialnet site?
miodrag perin: socialnet is our version of google. we all realize that the average active or passive job seeker has very limited time, when they come to a web site which has so much content as ours; this can sometimes be very overwhelming. we decided to look at what has made companies like google and bing successful, and we realized it’s the simplicity coupled with usability. we decided to embark on a new site which places a core emphasis on great clean design, but the main question is “what career are you thinking about” and this is powered by our search backend which will split the content and the jobs, and enable the user to use our brand new dynamic advanced search to refine and hone-in on their search in real time with ease and simplicity. lastly, we just integrated socialnet directly as a tab on our facebook fan page. this looks and works great!

saatkorn.: it’s obvious that the search function is the key element of that site. does this search function differ in any way from regular job search functionalities?
judith charles: it differs in 3 ways at the moment, first of all its fast, second its dynamic and the user can really focus on what they are looking for and they can choose whether to be broad or specific. many companies have launched new technologies with providers such as jobs 2 web, where users can only search by keyword, with very limited refinement, and major confusion. lastly we allow rss of each search result, and the ability to share each job, apply, or request a referral right on the spot.

saatkorn.: what is the “schnitzelfather”?
miodrag perin: in my opinion, schnitzelfather is the result of a global team collaboration and the evidence of what happens when people from all over the world get together to work, have a good time, and exchange ideas. the main members of schnitzel father all have “something to do” with create your own career; they are our team, our web developers, our interns, our friends, and others who we work with closely in our industry on a regular basis. we found out by accident that we all happen to enjoy a good schnitzel from time-to-time, or all the time (when i go to germany) and this became a connection/joke/funny discussion point for all of us. one of our interns used this opportunity to take it to the next level with an official poster, and here we are today with an active community.
judith charles: the schnitzelfather page is a great way to truly connect with bertelsmann through the back door, see what the people who work here or with us are like, and have some fun. it’s different, but work is also about having fun, and this page proves that. everybody who likes schnitzel is invited to join our community!

die neue interne stellenbörse

saatkorn.: does the bertelsmann job board have any functionalities which differ from the job search on the external career website?
miodrag perin: the internal site has everything which the external site has, but additionally we have our exclusive cloud which is our masterpiece social media integration and is integrated with every single content page. the cloud is special because it integrates our youtube, flickr, and facebook along with our specially designed 175 tweets internal twitter for employees, and our my story feature.
judith charles: this feature allows our employees the ability to share a special moment of their work-life across bertelsmann using any kind of media, and upload it using a simple 1-page form. this story will dynamically appear for our employees to read directly in the real-time cloud as well as on a dedicated page to that story, exclusively for our employees.

saatkorn.: do you also support employee referrals with your internal job board?
miodrag perin: absolutely, anybody with access to the internal create your own career site can “submit a referral” for a friend. employees all over the world can access our internal site from our intranet or by requesting a “key” if they are in remote areas.

saatkorn.: judith and mio – thanks a lot for all your hard, hard (!) work and the interviw. i think the results speak for themselves….


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