Employer Branding, Personalmarketing, Talent Management mal anders?!

Employer Branding, Personalmarketing, Talent Management mal anders?!

Am 25. September findet in Berlin im Ahoy! die #tru Berlin Unkonferenz statt. Nach der Premiere in Düsseldorf vor ein paar Monaten und einem Abstecher in die Schweiz ist das Format im deutschsprachigen Bereich immer noch wirlich neu. Ein Review zur Düsseldorfer Premiere findest Du hier. Was erwartet die Besucher aber nun am 25.9. in Berlin?

Ich bin selbst total gespannt darauf, werde ich doch eine Diskussion zum spannenden Thema „Der Weg von Post & Pray zu Talent Relations“ leiten. Mal sehen, zu welchen Diskussionsergebnissen wir da gemeinsam kommen werden.

Auf jeden Fall freue ich mich, heute auf saatkorn. ein Interview mit den beiden Initiatoren der #tru Unkonferenzen zu haben, nämlich mit Aki Kakko und Bill Boorman. Also, auf geht’s (und vielleicht sieht man sich ja am 25. in Berlin :-)):

saatkorn.: Bill and Aki, what’s the idea behind the #tru conferences and how did that start?
A few years ago Bill participated in one conference called #Recruitfest in Toronto and was pretty bored to see the same presentations and case studies again. He went to sit outside of the conference room under a tree and little by little got a group of people to join him. The discussion was lively and interesting so more and more people joined. #tru was born. Now the idea behind it is to be as unconferencial as possible and allow people to participate, freely discuss and dictate the content and the flow of the event.

saatkorn.: As far as I know, the first #tru conference in Germany was this spring in Düsseldorf. What about your first experiences in Germany? And what are your expectations for Berlin?
#truDüsseldorf was indeed the first #tru in Germany even though we have had #tru in Zürich, Geneva, Brussels and many other European cities already. Maybe that as well tells a bit that Germany as a country is not always the fastest adapting to new. That was felt as well in the discussions at #truDüsseldorf. Tight regulation, data privacy and  labour unions were probably the most interesting discussions points that made Düsseldorf different from other countries. It will be interesting to see how much different the discussions will be in these two big German cities.

saatkorn.: Which guests are you going to present in Berlin. And what will they do? – Do you have any idea?!  😉
One thing what we encourage people to do when they come to #tru for the first time is to come there with an open mind and expect the unexpected. Even though we have a program and great track leaders, we avoid to sell you the ideas before the event as the typical conference does. #tru is a great platform for collaboration and peer-to-peer learning so it really goes beyond the great track leaders. Our aim is to get everyone to contribute and stir the pot of ideas. Normally there is more knowledge in the conference room than is on the stage so our aim is to combine those two.

saatkorn.: Bill, you are focusing on Cultural Branding. What’s your idea regarding this topic?
Advertising age has ended long time ago. Employer branding as a traditional marketing exercise just doesn’t  work. Culture branding is all about being authentic – Show me, don’t tell me. More about this topic can be found here and let’s discuss more in Berlin. I’m hoping someone will disagree with me!

saatkorn.: And what’s your opinion regarding Employer Branding?
When someone says EVP small puppy dies. More about this on the recruiting unblog.

saatkorn.: Bill and Aki, what are the biggest challenges for HR mid and long term?
The sourcing challenge is not there anymore. Finding a lot of prospective candidates is already easier than ever and will become increasingly so. As well we will see more and more automation in this area. However, recruitment is going to be still at the same time increasingly difficult. For organisations to move over to success based profiling will change how we define what is a good candidate and to be able to assess candidates based on those factors that goes beyond skills and competences will be challenging.  Also, to use the big data that we have internally and that we can access will change our hiring processes as we can use predictive analytics and automated online assessments. For HR to benefit from these new technologies will require change in the processes and more so in the mindset.

saatkorn.: Thanks for the interview. I am very much looking forward to the unconference and getting to know you. See ya!

Für alle, die sich nun auf die #tru Berlin freuen, hier ein Video-Rückblick von der #tru London, die kürzlich stattgefunden hat, auf dem entsprechenden YouTube Kanal „TalentProject“:

[videoembed type=“youtube“ width=“680″ height=“380″ url=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wGOk5GMJ34″ id=“0″]

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