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Beyond, The Global HR Leadership Forum steht vor der Tür. Ein spannendes internationales Event, welches am 30.6. und 1.7. in Amsterdam stattfindet. saatkorn. verlost exklusiv 1 Ticket für die Veranstaltung inklusive Dinner am 30.6. – mehr dazu unten. Jetzt aber erstmal ins Interview mit einem der Initiatoren für Beyond, The Global HR Leadership Forum, Michael Liley. Dem Anlass entsprechend ausnahmsweise mal in Englisch. Auf geht’s:

saatkorn.: Please introduce yourself to the saatkorn. readers!
My name is Michael Liley and I am a ‚typical‘ KennedyFitch Consultant. All of our partners have served in management roles in international organizations with responsibility for HR and Talent Management. In my case – I have a previous life in private sector – as Global HR Director for EY (Ernst&Young) in London and in public sector as GHRD with the United Nations (UNDP) in New York. We feel strongly that it is easier to advise clients when you have walked in their shoes and can speak from your own experience.

Thought leaders will show the world BEYOND HR as we know it

saatkorn.: What was your motivation to organise Beyond, The Global HR Leadership Forum?
Our motivation is twofold: On the one hand we are 
genuinely excited about the megatrends that are impacting industries, businesses and functions within businesses like HR – especially demographics and digital. HR will have to adopt its business model very soon in the same way as businesses have to re-invent themselves. At KennedyFitch we regularly speak about these topics with our clients and at conferences. Given our own interest in the ‚Future of HR‘ we felt this is a good moment to bring together thought leaders who can paint a picture of the world BEYOND HR as we know it… On the other hand we intentionally call this a FORUM: it is our ambition to create a thought leadership forum for senior HR executives to discuss the Future of HR. The event in Amsterdam is only a starting point.

saatkorn.: On June 30th and July 1st, you organize Beyond, The Global HR Leadership Forum. Who should attend the Forum?
Every senior HR professional who does not want to miss out on cutting edge thought leadership – we know from first hand experience how hard it is to keep up with everything that is going on when you are fully absorbed by a senior management role – and who is interested in peer interaction and networking. This event will probably bring together the most senior group of HR leaders in Europe this year.

Predictive Data Analytics: the Future of Recruiting

saatkorn.: Can you provide me with some agenda highlights, especially regarding the saatkorn. core topics such as Employer Branding, Recruitment or Digital Transformation?
Well, the agenda is full of highlights but let me point out 2 sessions that might be particularly interesting to saatkorn followers: There will be a break out session with Guy Halfteck, CEO and founder of Knack – ‚What you need to know to build the 21st Century Workforce‘. Knack has developed a mobile app that combines specially designed mobile video games, artificial intelligence, and state-of-the-art behavioral neuroscience. Knack’s predictive data-analytic technology uncovers a person’s abilities, skills and competencies and predicts her potential. The Future of Recruiting has already arrived…. Another session I would like to highlight with regards to digital disruption is Anton Fishman’s session which will explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Social Robotics on HR.

saatkorn.: Do you have a personal highlight within the program?
I am biased, other speakers may forgive me, we have so many great contributors to this forum, but I know Susan David the longest and I have always been a great admirer of her work. Susan has just published her latest book a couple of weeks ago (Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change and Thrive in Work and Life) and it has already become a bestseller. I can’t wait to hear her talk about her approach.

saatkorn.: Let’s assume we are at the evening of July 1st and this year’s „Beyond, The Global HR Leadership Forum“ is done: what should have happened during the 2 days to make you feel happy?
We would feel really good about this event if attendees came back with feedback of the kind ‚I had already heard about X but now I understand much better how this will change our daily work‘ and ‚I met so many great people, you (the hosts) really have to help this forum to stay connected and continue the dialogue‘.

saatkorn.: Michael, thank you very much for the interview. And have fun with Beyond, The Global HR Leadership Forum!

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